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We are constantly promised that technology will enrich and simplify our lives – yet it seldom works that way.

That’s why MacGuru exists.

We’re here to help educate you to the amazing possibilities of new technologies: help you embrace them in your personal and professional life – finding new ways to liberate your thinking, and empower you at home and in your community.

Edward R. Murrow, famed CBS newscaster said it best:

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The Internet as seen in an MIT graphical representation.

A vast, interconnected web of users connected not to a central hub, but

rather to each other in a complex tapestry. This enables an endless number of routes to exist between users – reducing congestion and delays, and allowing the net to ‘heal itself’ during physical disruptions or attacks.  [Wikipedia link]

“This instrument can teach, illuminate, yes, it can even inspire – but only to the extent that we are determined to use it to those means. Otherwise, it is merely lights and wires in a box.”

As technology evangelists, we are here to guide your way –

let the journey begin...